Yes, We all know that if you have a hearing loss, it is difficult to understand speech. What is not sufficiently appreciated is that a patient’s emotional and mental state may also be affected by the erratic and disrupted communication patterns caused by hearing loss. A patient with hearing loss is four times as likely to manifest psychological disturbances than a person with normal hearing. There is also evidence that hearing loss can increase the behavioral patterns of patients with Alzheimer’s, depression, anxiety, paranoia, memory loss, alertness and general ability to cope. It has been reported by the National Council on the Aging from a 1999 survey of people over 50, that those who were treated for hearing loss reported significant improvements in their quality of life and had better relationships with their families since they started wearing hearing aids. According to the survey, about 40 percent said their lives had improved in general, and that they felt better mentally and they had a higher degree of self-confidence.